When AutoServ is looking for the most amazing photos to be taken we call on one person, Stacey Brobst.

She comes prepared, professional and tops it off with a wonderful personality and captures each and every moment with style.

Her rates are very competitive and our finished product is returned very quickly.

I highly recommend her for any photo shoot, big or small.

Warren Bailey

Director of Corporate Responsibility



We chose Stacey for our business photographer for her ability to tell a story through the images she captures. Stacey really listened to what our "vision" was and how we wanted to explain what our facility was all about. Anyone can take a picture of a piece of equipment, but Stacey's creative process captures an entirely different perspective. The images are transformed, they come to life and it becomes personal. As a business owner, we strive for personalized care and that is what is reflected in her work.

In private practice consulting, I needed images that convey a caring competence.  Stacey was able to capture the approachable professionalism that allows clients to "get to know me" on the website.  Photos become that first online handshake that builds that first good impression -- putting clients at ease that they are working with a capable consultant.  Well worth it!  



Carolyn Blasko, M. Ed.

Educational Advocate



Posted by Jeane Manny: Had the pleasure of once again working with my sweet friend, the talented Stacey Brobst to do a Senior photo shoot for Sabastion. His school doesn’t accept these, but this mama needed them anyway. I have way more favorites than this, but here are just a couple. 

Posted by Vincent Fleck:  I had such an amazing session this afternoon with a photographer that I admire for many different reasons!
Thank you, Stacey Brobst for your time and expertise!

From Bethany Clifton:  You are one of the sweetest and most kind hearted people I've ever met. When I saw you pull in with your camera all I could think was how fortunate I am to know someone so genuine. I hope you know how much we love you! I know it's only some pictures of football, but this just reminds me once again how wonderful of a person you are! 

From Nicole Fernandez:  Stacey, thank you SO MUCH! This entire album is wonderful. I "narrowed it down" to 54 favorites! Ha ha. So many beautiful choices. I really am grateful that you donated all of your time to Holy Trinity and I couldn't be more glad that we were the recipient of it! You are talented and so nice to work with. You made it fun and easy. And the turn around time - wow! Thank you!!

Posted by Michelle Hynes: The beauty of HomeSchool photos, I get to jump in too! Thanks Stacey Brobst for the great shots!

Email sent by a Mother to a local home school coop:  

I am currently downloading the photos taken last week by Stacey Brobst, of the 'back to school' photos of the kids.  I just wanted to take a moment to mention to someone how overly impressed I was, not only with the pictures that were taken, but also by Stacey's willingness to really help take the best possible picture of each subject that she could.  I really want to thank whoever arranged for her to be there to take photos, I am over the moon happy with the entire experience and really wanted someone to know how much it was appreciated.  


As a mother that once had her children in a brick and mortar school, I have several plain Jane school pictures that look only slightly better than a typical drivers license photo.  When I received the 'school' pictures Stacey took, I'll admit I was a bit slack jawed at how beautiful they all were.  Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to have those pictures taken, they will absolutely be treasured and shared!!

With deepest thanks and appreciation...